Rent a Bentley in Miami

From the Bentayga to the Flying Spur, Bentley automobiles are known for power, speed and luxury. Whether you want to rent a Bentley for the day or rent a Bentley for the weekend, Signature Exotic Cars has just the right model for cruising down Collins Avenue in style.

Bentley Flying Spur

Take a Bentley for a Spin

If you want to drive exotic cars, you can’t go wrong with a Bentley. Every Bentley car combines handcrafted details with a powerful engine, making it the perfect luxury rental for business or personal use.

Next time you pick up a client from the airport, project an air of confidence by arriving in a Bentley sports car or Bentley SUV. If you have a business to promote, rent a Bentley to show your customers that they can live their dreams if they work with your brand. Planning a surprise for the love of your life? Rent a Bentley luxury automobile, drive to the beach and spend the evening watching the sun set over the ocean.

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Popular Bentley Models

Bentley has several model ranges, but they all have one thing in common: unmatched luxury.

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Bentley Bentayga

The Bentayga range combines the comfort and roominess of an SUV with Bentley’s signature speed and performance, creating a vehicle that excels under any driving conditions. This line includes the Bentayga S, Bentayga V8, Bentayga Hybrid and Bentayga Speed and offers some of the following features:

  • All-Terrain Specification
  • Digital displays for infotainment
  • Automatic stopping and forward movement in high-traffic conditions
  • Autonomous parking
  • Obstacle alerts
  • LED matrix headlamps
  • Sculpted front bumper
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Bentley Flying Spur

The attention-getting Flying Spur range uses superaluminum to create a sleek body that looks almost seamless, communicating a sense of luxury and refinement. Inside the vehicle, natural materials come together to craft a well-appointed interior that’s just as stylish as it is comfortable. The Flying Spur range also has some of these features:

  • LED matrix headlamps
  • Wide center console
  • 12.3-inch HD touchscreen
  • Mood lighting
  • Sunroof
  • Bentley Rotating Display

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Bentley?

Signature Exotic Car Rental is one of the best car rental services in Miami, as we offer multiple Bentley rentals, giving you the flexibility you need to rent whatever model captures your attention. Rather than thinking of the rental fee as a cost, however, it’s wise to think of it as an investment.

If you rent a Bentley for business purposes, you’re investing in your brand’s image, ensuring your clients perceive you as someone who can meet their every need. Even if you’re renting a Bentley for personal use, it’s still an investment in lasting memories with your partner or your closest friends, making it well worth the price. Rental fees start at $850 per day for the Bentley Flying Spur and $890 per day for the Bentley Bentayga.

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Reserve a Bentley Today

Due to its large inventory of high-end vehicles and knowledgeable staff, Signature Exotic Car Rental has a reputation as the best luxury car rental company in Miami. Whether you want a Bentley sports car, a sleek SUV or a refined luxury sedan, we can help. Call 855-713-0733 or contact us online now to reserve your Bentley rental and learn more about our luxury car rental services.

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