Rent a Ferrari in Miami

Ferrari is one of the most exotic car brands in the world. The Italian auto manufacturer has a long history of producing vehicles that combine sleek bodywork with high-quality interior details, giving you the best of both worlds when you need an exotic car rental. Ferrari also has the distinction of having the most successful racing team in history.

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Ferrari Features

Depending on which Ferrari rental you choose, your model may have a wide range of features. Ferrari vehicles are known for having just the right mix of curves and straight lines, creating a body style that’s as distinctive as it is attractive.

Inside each Ferrari, you’ll find a steering wheel that’s reminiscent of what you’d see in a Formula One racing car. The driver’s information screen gives you all the details you need to start every trip off on the right foot, while the infotainment center makes every ride more fun for your passengers.

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Why Rent a Ferrari?

Here are some of the top reasons to consider one of our many luxury sports cars for rent.

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Marketing Campaigns

If you want your brand to be associated with wealth and luxury, there’s no better way to promote it than to rent a Ferrari for a day and shoot a promotional video. As you drive through some of Miami’s most beautiful neighborhoods, you’ll be able to showcase your product or service and help potential clients understand what they have to gain by working with you.

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Romantic Excursions

Even the strongest partnerships can benefit from a day away from it all. Instead of doing something predictable, rent a Ferrari in Miami for a day, pack a picnic lunch and drive to a quiet spot where you can relax and strengthen your relationship.

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Client Relations

One way to set yourself apart from competing businesses is to use a Ferrari to pick up clients from the airport or transport them to business meetings. To really stand out from the crowd, you can even have your client rent a Ferrari for a week and cover the cost as part of your business development budget.

Where Can You Rent a Ferrari?

The best place to rent a Ferrari is Signature Exotic Car Rental, one of the best luxury car rental places in Miami. When you rent a luxury vehicle from us, you’re more than just another face in the crowd. We do everything in our power to make sure you get the car you want without any hassles.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Ferrari?

It all depends on which model you choose and how long you want to use the car. The cost to rent a Ferrari for a day is lower than the cost to rent a Ferrari for a month, of course. If you want to take the Ferrari 488 GTB out for a spin, the rental fee starts at $1,200 per day. This is a small price to pay to experience the joy of driving a high-performance automobile with a V8 engine and nearly 700 horsepower.

How to Rent a Ferrari

Signature Exotic Car Rental makes it easy to rent a Ferrari for a day, a week or a month. Simply visit the Signature Exotic website, find the model you want to rent and click Reserve Now to provide your details. If you decide to go with a McLaren, Lamborghini or other exotic car instead, it’s no problem. Just click the Reserve Now button next to the model you want, fill in your information and we’ll reserve the vehicle for your desired dates.

It couldn’t be easier to rent a luxury car in the Miami area. Call us at 855-713-0733 with any questions. You may also contact us online.

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